Food photo­graphy

In food photo­graphy, it is important that your audience only wants one thing when they see the photos: to eat or to drink. The colors and ingre­dients must appear the way they taste: amazing! This is the only way to use food photos to entice people to want to have breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner in your restaurant, lunchroom or bar. Profes­sional food photo­graphy can give them a taste so that they can already look forward to their visit. If they weren’t quite convinced at first… the food photos will definitely push them over the edge.

Food photo­grapher for the catering industry

As a food photo­grapher, I work for catering businesses in my own town, Oldenzaal, but also for companies in Twente, other parts of the Nether­lands and even abroad. I know better than anyone that the imple­men­tation of food photo­graphy is becoming incre­a­singly important to your catering business. Your audience is incre­a­singly visually oriented, and with the arrival of ever-faster media, images are sometimes only glanced at. That is why it is very important to look good online (on your website and social media) as well as offline. That can be made possible with photos taken by a profes­sional food photo­grapher. With my food photos, I make sure that your audience ultimately chooses you.

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Photo­graphic report for the catering industry

Please note, however, that your audience doesn’t get a clear picture of your location with food photo­graphy alone. That is why I regularly set out to make a photo­graphic report . for businesses in the catering industry. This is also a good option for your company. A photo­graphic report makes it possible for you to show your audience who you are, what makes you unique, and (of course!) what you have to offer. Catering businesses use my corporate photo­graphy to take their guests along for an experience.

More than just a food photo­grapher

You can also call me in for more than just business photo­graphy and food photo­graphy. I am also an interior photo­grapher and a portrait photo­grapher. This offers you a great advantage: I will not only portray your delicious dishes but also your location (interior and exterior) and your team. De Fotoloods is your go-to place for the complete picture: food photos, corporate photo­graphic reports, interior photos, and beautiful portraits.

Looking for an enthu­si­astic food photo­grapher?

Are you looking for an enthu­si­astic food photo­grapher who will take the time to figure things out with you from concept to final photo­graph? I’m happy to help you.

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